My Ecotype Bamboo pegs-20 pieces

My Ecotype Bamboo pegs-20 pieces

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An excellent alternative to plastic clothespins. These bamboo pegs are incredibly durable and long lasting unlike wooden pegs.

• Biodegradable and compostable

• Durable and reusable

• Multiple applications

• Unlike wooden pegs, bamboo naturally contains few tannins, so it doesn't stain your clothes.

• Packaging recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.

• After prolonged use, bamboo pegs can be composted and the steel spring can be recycled.

They are ideal for hanging clothes, sealing food packages, hanging photos and many other uses.

Bamboo after planting can be harvested after about 3 years. When the stem is harvested, the plant does not die. Bamboo absorbs 10 times more CO2 and produces 45% more oxygen than wood.

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