Made Sustained Organic Net Bag - Short Handle

Made Sustained Organic Net Bag - Short Handle

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Net bag with short handles made of organic cotton

Practical, easy to use, stable - this bag from Made Sustained with short handles can be reused for a long, long time.

It takes up little space in your bag or backpack and is convenient if you want to go shopping after work or university.

This way you never need to buy a plastic bag at the supermarket.

The ecological shopping bag made of pure organic cotton with GOTS certification can carry up to 15 kg.

Capacity up to 15 kg

Length without handle:approx. 37 cm Length with handle:approx. 47 cm Width:30 cm Material:100% organic cotton (GOTS) Because it is a natural material, the ecological shopping bag can shrink about 10-12% from its original size.

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