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Jack n 'Jill Stage One Baby Toothbrush

Regular price€6,00

Finger Brush Stage 1 Package with case!

Made from 100% medical/food silicone, it is designed for a simple and effective start to good oral hygiene from the age of 6 months +.

Easy to use, soft on the gums, non-toxic and BPA free, the silicone brush is suitable for use with Jack n 'Jill toothpaste and convenient for travel.

Stage 1 suitable for about 6 - 12 months.

Double-sided:Use the"brush"side to gently brush your baby's teeth. Use the"dimple"side to massage the gums - ideal for teething.

Tip:Always make sure the Jack N 'Jill silicone brush is clean. Wash with warm soapy water. Safe for sterilization. Store in a clean container. Of course, only for use by adults on infants/children. This is not a pacifier or teething device. Not for chewing! Discard immediately if torn/damaged. The packaging is completely biodegradable.

100% medical/food silicone without plastic. Even the packaging is biodegradable and made from corn - without plastic and environmentally friendly! Without BPA & PVC.

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