EcoEgg Laundry Detox Tablets - 6 pcs
EcoEgg Laundry Detox Tablets - 6 pcs

EcoEgg Laundry Detox Tablets - 6 pcs

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Good maintenance of electrical appliances is important to avoid damage and thus be maintained longer.

Ecoegg "detox" washing tablets will help clean pipes and buckets from accumulated dirt, remove any odors and have the best result in every wash.

Each box has 6 tablets and we recommend cleaning once a month.

You take the tablet out of the wrapper and put it in your empty washing machine bucket. We recommend the program at 60 degrees. The monthly cleaning will help your washing machine to"live"longer, thus contributing to both your economy and the environment. Suitable for any type of washing machine.

Ecoegg tablets are suitable for vegans. The tablet wrapper is recyclable. Keep it away from children and animals. Do not swallow or come into contact with eyes - in such cases, consult a doctor. Risk of serious damage to eyes if swallowed. Use eye protection. Wash your hands thoroughly after use. Contains Sodium Carbonate, tetrasodium tris, discarbonate perfumes

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