Bambaw Bottle Brush Set (4 pcs)
Bambaw Bottle Brush Set (4 pcs)
Bambaw Bottle Brush Set (4 pcs)
Bambaw Bottle Brush Set (4 pcs)

Bambaw Bottle Brush Set (4 pcs)

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Clean and reuse any type of bottle with these 4 Bambaw brushes of different sizes. Of course, no plastic, only stainless steel, sisal bristles and soft cotton tip to avoid scratches.

You can also use them for your glasses, while the thin brush perfectly cleans your reusable straws!


Brush for straws: Diameter: 10 mm / Length: 220 mm

Small Brush: Diameter: 20 mm / Length: 250 mm

Medium Brush: Diameter: 30 mm / Length: 300 mm

Large Brush: Diameter: 45 mm / Length: 350 mm

The Bambaw bottle cleaning set has 4 brushes of different sizes to cover all the cleaning needs of your bottles. The minimum inlet diameter has been measured for each brush, so make sure you check if the set fits before you buy it.

The brush for the straws
Diameter: 10 mm
Length: 21.5 cm

The small brush
Diameter: 20 mm
Length: 25 cm
Minimum bottle diameter: 12 mm

The middle brush
Diameter: 30 mm
Length: 30 cm
Minimum bottle diameter: 15 mm

The large brush
Diameter: 45 mm
Length: 35 cm
Minimum bottle diameter: 20 mm

The soft tip of the brush helps to avoid scratches. This is vital because these scratches can be breeding ground for bacteria, rendering the bottle useless over time. So a high quality, plastic-free bottle cleaner is a double win on your journey to less waste.

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