Bambaw Spare Razors 5 pcs
Bambaw Spare Razors 5 pcs
Bambaw Spare Razors 5 pcs

Bambaw Spare Razors 5 pcs

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Our adored reusable razors need their excellent Bambaw spare blades.

Each blade is securely wrapped in waxed paper.

Bambaw safety razor blades are sharp, allowing for a close shave. Beginners can easily use the double-edged safety razor with the Bambaw safety razor, as it has a secure closed comb.

A complete and illustrated online user manual is included with the Bambaw safety razors to provide you with all the information you need.

You can easily and safely replace the blade on the Bambaw razor. In each package you will find the QR code for a complete and illustrated online user manual.

It is best to store old blades in an old jar, soda can or anything similar. When it is full, you can safely recycle it according to your local metal recycling regulations. Please never throw the blades in the trash without protection, as this is potentially dangerous for you, the workers, the animals or the children.

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