Amazinc! Mineral Sunscreen for the Face & Body SPF50 - 150ml

Amazinc! Mineral Sunscreen for the Face & Body SPF50 - 150ml

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Spending a day at the beach? Going hiking? A full day in the sun? Be prepared for any of these scenarios and many more with SPF 30 AMAZINC! Mineral Sunscreen, suitable for vegans.

Thanks to it's innovative mineral filter, in non nano form, without nanoparticles and uncoated (transparent), we can now suggest the mineral "Viewless ZinCare" UVA/UVB HIGH protection with safe and natural UV filters. Thanks to zinc oxide, they provide protection against photoaging, have an anti-inflammatory effect, and also promote skin healing. The vegetable oils contained such as almond, jojoba, olive and wheat germ, olive squalene and almond wax help nourish the skin, soften it and restore its natural protective film.

The cream is waterproof and its light texture provides easy application even to large areas of the skin. It is suitable for the whole family, including the little ones.

Packed in a 100% recyclable aluminum bottle, it ensures almost zero weight and zero chance of spilling into luggage while traveling.

This sunscreen is perfect for the sunniest days on the beach or in the mountains. It is a cream, so it spreads extremely easily. It contains a variety of oils, such as jojoba and almond, which moisturize and nourish your skin.

Some great benefits of Amazinc's Reef Safe Sunscreen!:

- Safe for reefs and marine life NON-NANO (Reef Safe)

- Liquid sunscreen that spreads easily

- It will protect you with SPF30 or SPF50

- Aluminum bottle

- 150 ml

- Vegan 

- Blocks UVA/UVB rays

- Suitable for children (0+)

- Contains probiotic active substances

- Suitable for dry/combination skin type

- Waterproof

When mineral sunscreen is kept at a temperature below 20 degrees for a longer time period, there is a chance that small lumps will form. The natural oils of the product solidify at lower temperatures, and mineral filters precipitate. Once the mineral sunscreen warms up, these lumps disappear. This does not affect the quality of the sunscreen.

Ingredients: Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Olive Squalene, Mineral Shield LIGHT (Zinc oxide – NON NANO, Magnesium oxide), Triticum Vulgare Germ Oil, Hydrogenated Almond Oil, Rosmarinus Officialis Leaf Oil, Tocopherol

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