About Us

We are Poly and Niki, two friends that decided to create ecosophy.

We used to work together in a very different field, but were always passionate about the environment and what we could do as individuals to protect it. This is how the idea of Ecosophy was born. Ecosophy is a way of life, where we all understand how our actions affect the balance and harmony in our natural environment, and we decide to act, now, through our everyday choices to support this balance.  

Our vision for ecosophy is to provide sustainable products which are also fun and you will be excited to use on a daily basis. This way, we hope when you visit us you will find a change that will suit you and will be happy to continue it, knowing that these small changes are  your way of caring for the earth's future. 

We hope you will join us in this journey 💛

Much love,

Poly & Niki