Jade Roller: Υπέροχο δέρμα με τη δύναμη του νεφρίτη

Jade Roller: Great skin with the power of jade

Who hasn't seen at least one video on social media about the jade roller and its benefits? The beauty routine that counts thousands of years of existence in Chinese traditional care has conquered the entire planet in recent years.

What is the Jade Roller?

To start things off, the Jade roller is a beauty tool with one or two rollers made of jade stone. It is believed that this stone has healing and protective properties.

How does a jade roller benefit your skin?

Jade rollers boost blood circulation, reduce swelling and can help products penetrate deeper into the skin. It's basically a quick, easy remedy for everyday skin care issues like dark circles under the eyes and puffiness. Increasing circulation can also help smooth fine lines and wrinkles. A jade roller can be used at room temperature or frozen in the refrigerator.

In addition to the skin care benefits, jade rollers are said to be calming and can improve your mood.


It helps the active ingredients of cosmetics to be absorbed more deeply

Stimulates lymph and blood circulation

Improves skin elasticity

Reduces puffiness under the eyes

It contributes to the anti-aging of the skin

How do you use the jade roller?

The way to use the jade roller is extremely simple. Every day, after you clean your face and apply your moisturizing products, massage with this tool for about 2 minutes, making sure that your movements are from the center of the face outwards and upwards, and from the neck towards the chin. Light pressure can work to drain lymph fluids, while light to moderate pressure can help products penetrate deeper and enhance blood flow.

What skin care products work well with Jade Rollers?

A facial serum or oil and a jade roller is a winning combination. These products will help the roller glide over your face, while the tool can help their active ingredients penetrate deeper into your skin.

*With the large roller you can massage the larger areas of the face, while with the smaller one you can massage the smaller ones, such as the area around the eyes

*To get rid of swelling and bags, place the roller in the refrigerator

*Don't forget to clean the tool every time after using it, especially if you have acne-prone skin

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