5 Tips για μία Zero Waste Ημέρα του Αγίου Βαλεντίνου

5 Tips for a Zero Waste Valentine's Day

Ecosopher we think we agree on the principle! The theoretical purpose behind Valentine's Day is good — that is, to celebrate those you love in small, and sometimes grand, ways.

But there is the huge issue of hyper-consumerism, which on such days breaks all records. Huge quantities of flowers, toys, sweets, etc., create infinite rubbish AND there is the issue of excluding all singles, which we do not like at all.

Valentine's Day has become a day that promotes reckless consumption. As Ecosopher, we suggest that you ignore the pressure to flood your loved ones with many things and, instead, focus on the gestures that make someone feel that they truly care and love them. Or, for Ecosophers singles, let this day be an occasion to take care of yourself or spend time with friends.

Here are our 5 tips on how you can make someone feel that you care about them in the most zero waste way, focusing on the essence of this day:

  • The chocolates.

Instead of buying a box of heart-shaped sweets, how about baking some homemade treats? Cookies, brownies, a cake… you can make them in the shape of a heart or paint them pink and red with a natural food color, if you want them to be really festive. Do you not bake or do not have time? Visit the local patisserie and fill a glass jar with candy. Tie a reusable ribbon around it if you want it to be more fancy.

  • The flowers.

Avoid the bouquets, which although beautiful after a few days will die, and choose a beautiful flower pot that you will take care of and have for many, many years.

  • The card.

We have always believed that a handwritten note on a blank piece of paper is better than signing your name on a ready-made card. After all, what always matters on a card is not its design but what you will write inside.

  • The meal.

Instead of spending a fortune on a Valentine's Day meal at a packed restaurant, make your favorite dinner at home. Light some candles to set the mood. Serve your favorite wine and spend a wonderful evening with your Valentine.

  • The gesture.

Are you still looking for other ways to show your love? Try to create a playlist of songs that mean something to you. Or plan a fun activity based on the shared experience — perhaps tickets to a concert or book a romantic weekend away. After all, it's really the thought that counts.

In any case, today and every day we want to express our love for our own people :-)

Ecosopher we hope we have given you some ideas for a zero waste valentines day! We are waiting for your suggestions in the comments!




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